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Bulk Transportation Services

Kleysen Bulk Transportation is...

Kleysen Bulk Transportation specializes in “source to destination” solutions of the transportation, handling and storage of wide variety of mining and building materials. Optimized solutions can involve the smooth transition of materials between multiple modes of transportation, including truck, rail and cargo ship.

What can be transported by Bulk?

Materials like cement, gravel, aggregate, scrap steel, fly ash, soda ash, petroleum coke, grains, fertilizers, other minerals, concentrates and building materials.

"We Create Solutions"

Cost Effective Solution - Our facilities are strategically connected to North America’s major railways. This ensures that your goods will be delivered to its destinations where you want it to be at reasonable price.

Seamless Railway Management - We can order, release and track railcars, coordinate with shippers, inspect railcars, manage detention, manage transit times and provide rail updates for you.

Inventory Management - Tracking and monitoring of goods moved in and out of the warehouse.

Customized to Your Needs - We’ll modify our equipment to tailor fit to your unique needs through our fully owned fabrication shop.

Bulk Service Summary


  • Service between Canada and the U.S.A.
  • Expedited and Non Expedited
  • Logistics Services
  • Material-handling Systems
  • Bulk Storage Facilities and Silos


  • End-dump Containers
  • Sidedumps
  • Pneumatic Tanks
Click here to download the Tariff Guide - Bulk